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Green your diet

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Also, you can help...
Plant trees every wk.
Grow your own food
Support local farmers
Eat natural, raw food
Eat only organic food
Live simply
See God in all life
Recycle everything
Use solar/wind power
Ride bicycles or walk
Ride a subway
Adopt pets
Rescue animals
Don't pollute
Filter water at home
No bottled water
Don't use any plastic
Use glass/ceramic
Only natural cleaners
Use no toxins
Buy American made
Live Love not hate.
Peace thru kindness.

God is Beauty
God is Beauty.

God is within all life
God is within all life.

The Spirit within Nature
The voice of the Great Spirit
is in nature.


It's Important to Choose Organic
It's important to choose organic.

Theophany of Beauty
I knew that it was God.

Live Love.

I love you.
I love you.

God inspires passion in our hearts.
There is fire in our hearts.

I am sending you a hug.
Sending you a hug.

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