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Watermelon is great for your Health
It's great for your eyes, heart, blood, immune health, & more.
Magnesium: A Vital Mineral For Your Health
Food can help you heal from pain, inflammation, & diseases.
Top 6 Reasons To Eat Organic Fruits/Vegetables
Do you realize how VITAL it is to eat only organic foods?

Make Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit
You can create a natural, organic, healing first aid kit.
Ban on Plastic Bags Attracts Worldwide Attention
Plastic bags kill millions of birds annually; DO NOT USE THEM.
Organic Gardening Offers Many Health Benefits and Helps Plants and Animals
Learn from a master more about your health & diet

Grow It Yourself: Save Money, Help Earth, & Improve Your Quality of Life
Growing your own food is easy, fun, beautiful, & heals Earth/you
Grow your own edible flowers: Thyme
Thyme adds great flavor & beauty to your life.
Grow your own edible flowers: Chives
Chives have many healing properties  & help your garden.

Mango Pineapple Smoothie
Make smoothies in five minutes that make you so happy!
Black Forest Cherry Cake
Carmella's delicious cake recipe...
Cauliflower Salad

Easy, healthy, light salad for your lunchtime enjoyment.


God has made existence magnificent,
He has made it through nonexistence.
He has concealed the sea
And exposed the foam,
Concealed the wind and displayed the dust.
The whirling dust flies like a dancer,
The wind is invisible, known only by trust,
The foam moves all about you,
But without the sea no whirling takes place.
Thought is hidden, speech is manifest.

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